Coordinator, Physical Sciences

Name: Dr Rufus Chigozie Nwankwo

Designation/Rank: Lecturer 1 


i) Bayelsa State Electricity Board, Imiringi.
Job Title: Operations Engineer(2000-2001, NYSC)
ii) University of Port Harcourt, Dept. of Physics
Job Title: Lecturer/Demonstrator (2005-2008)
iii) Hydraulic Research & Development Centre, Abia State.
Job Title: Research Supervisor (2009-2011)
iv) Evangel University, Dept. of Physical Sciences, Akaeze, Ebonyi State.
Job Title: Lecturer II (2014-2015)
v) Edwin Clark University, Dept. of Physical Sciences, Kiagbodo, Delta State
Job Title: Lecturer I (2015 till date)

Nature of Employment: Lecturing and Research

Contact Details

  • Email Address:,
  • WhatsApp No: 08032157681

Faculty and Courses

  • Faculty: Faculty of Science
  • Department: Dept. of Physical Sciences
  • Programme: B.Sc. Physics


  • Ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts
  • Ability to engage in collaborative and peer research
  • Proficient in developing robust scientific models for problem solving
  • Expert in environmental studies using geophysical models and theoretical models of Physics
  • Expert in petroleum and mineral resources exploration, petrophysical log analysis, remote sensing and earthquake/tremor analysis and prediction


  • BSc Physics/Electronics
  • MSc Physics/Applied Geophysics
  • PhD Physics/Applied Geophysics


I) Central School Amaba Ugwueke, Abia State(FSLC)
ii) Methodist College, Uzuakoli, Abia State (SSCE)
iii) University of PortHarcourt, PortHarcourt (B.Sc & M.Sc)
iv) University of Abuja, FCT, Nigeria(Ph.D)

Areas of Specification: Environmental and Exploration Geophysics

Experience: 15 Years

Awards/Honours: Top Partner Award in the propagation of the Gospel

Membership of Professional bodies

I) Member, Physics Writers Series Creation
ii) Member, Society of Exploration Geophysicists
iii) Member, Renewable & Alternative Energy Society of Nigeria
iv) Member, Nigerian Geophysical Society

List of publications

  • Nwankwo, R. C and Enyinna, P.I (2018): Effect of Solar Concentrator on the Electrical Output and Performance Efficiency of Crystalline PV Cell: American Journal of Energy Science, Vol 5(3), PP 36-43
  • Nwankwo, R. C. and Enyinna, P.I. (2018): Use of Solar Technology as a Viable Option for Zero GHG Emission and Abatement of the Earth’s Environmental Pollution: American Journal of Energy Science, Vol 6(1), PP 8-13
  • Nwankwo, R. C (2017): Generating Velocity Information for Pore Pressure Prediction in the Niger Delta Using Post stack Inverted Seismic Amplitude Data: Scientia Africans, Vol 16(2) PP 152-171
  • Nwankwo, R. C. and Abdul, B.D (2017): Pore Pressure Prediction Using Well logs – a Case Study of a Field in the Onshore Central Niger Delta: Scientia Africana, Vol 16(1), PP 161- 175
  • Nwankwo, R C (2017): Statistical and Deterministic Wavelet Estimation from Seismic and Well Data: Journal of Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, Vol 43 PP 389-396