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Executive Summary

The Five-Year Master Plan articulates the mission, vision, values, and goals of Edwin Clark University, Kiagbodo, Delta State, Nigeria as it evolves in a rapidly-changing higher education landscape with a focus on:

  • innovative and enriched learning, dynamic and impactful research
  • the transformative educational experience of students as the highest priority
  • a commitment to public service, and community partnerships
  • a sustained philosophy of a secular private university established on Christian

     principles and values

  • growth in the areas of entrepreneurship, the environment, sciences, humanities,

     social and management, law, arts and culture.

We envision Edwin Clark University Kiagbodo will be a globally recognized premier research university committed to inclusion, access, advancement of knowledge, student success, and community enrichment.

The five goals of the strategic plan provide the framework through which we build a university culture that continually and effectively adapts to the complex challenges and ever-changing landscape of public higher education.

The Five-Year Master Plan Goals:

Goal 1: Innovative and High-Impact Research and Academic Programmes

Edwin Clark University Kiagbodo will vigorously contribute to the advancement of knowledge through the development of innovative and high-impact research and academic programmes that are integrative, interdisciplinary, and promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Goal 2: Integrated Student-Centered Experiences

The success of undergraduate and postgraduate students through a transformative educational experience will be highest priority of Edwin Clark University Kiagbodo. To enable students to progress toward achievement of their educational, personal, and career goals, investments will be made in key areas that support student success.

Goal 3: An Active and Engaged University Community Focused on Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Innovation

Edwin Clark University Kiagbodo will be recognized globally, nationally, and regionally for impactful research, scholarship, and innovation that reflect the expertise of its academic, administrative and technical staff, the strengths of its programmes, and the needs of the region and the country. To accomplish this goal, the University will be actively engaged in a well-defined pathway to obtain full accreditation status for all its programmes

Goal 4: Highly Productive Collaborations, Partnerships, and Community Engagement

From its inception, Edwin Clark University Kiagbodo has continued to play a catalytic role in the region in economic, social, and cultural development. True to its history and rich legacy in providing disciplined education guided by Christian principles and values, the University will continue to support and expand collaborations that enable a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity. In this way efforts will be made to address critical societal issues and contribute to the public good in areas such as sustainable economic development, education, environment, fishing industry, oil and gas manufacturing, and transportation

Goal 5: Infrastructure and Processes in Support of Excellence

A robust physical, technological, and administrative infrastructure that ensures a productive, safe, and positive environment for academic staff, students, administrative and technical staff is essential to the achievement of the strategic goals of Edwin Clark University Kiagbodo Five Year Master Plan.