About Us

ECU Mission:

Nurturing of knowledge targeted toward addressing the developmental challenges of Niger Delta in particular, Nigeria and the wider global community.

ECU Vision:

To become a world class teaching institution providing an innovative and inspiring learning environment. Develop entrepreneurial spirit, creative flair, professional skills and bread the of knowledge.

Developing world class research strength in those areas where the University can make a unique and high contribution.


Edwin Clark University is a private secular University established on Christian/Faith based principles and values. It is focused on imparting academic and moral values that will give the Nigerian youth the desired guidance in the areas of entrepreneurship and self-employment and self-reliance anywhere in the globalized world. The University will distinguish itself through an educational philosophy based on commitment to social responsibility , characteristics of all its programmes and services. It will develop and impart practical, technical knowledge in an environment where innovation and creativity are encouraged. Its academic programmes and research activities will revolve around the requirements of the Niger Delta, the surrounding States and Nigeria at large. It is determined to partner with industry, especially the oil and Gas companies. Special attention will be paid to the region’s wetlands and their ecological and environmental needs in the selection of academic courses offered in relevant areas.